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Quinta fachada portada


In 1908, Doña Cándida and Don Joaquín Ibáñez completed the construction works of La Quinta, carried out with the great fortune they had amassed beyond the seas. Illustrious names of politics and culture passed through this mansion of Indianos, its festivities being an unavoidable date for Asturian high society.

The building is included in the Indiana Route, a tour of the most outstanding constructions of those who left and returned with fortune to make "the Americas". One of these houses, La Quinta Guadalupe (Colombres), the greatest symbol of Indian power and wealth, houses the Indianos Archive and the Emigration Museum.

The hotel is located in a small town on the Asturian coast, at the foot of the Sierra del Cuera. 

A beautiful place where peace is breathed and calm is contagious.

La Quinta de Villanueva is perfectly integrated into its historical environment, of which everything related to Indian culture is an important part, a movement that took place in Asturias at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.


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Zonas Comunes


The common areas preserve the splendor of their time with its mahogany entrance hall, its magnificent staircase and the fresco paintings on the ceilings. The pact with that good taste comes from old to the Quinta, which highlights the elegance of La casona. 

The personalized and familiar treatment continues to be essential for the client to feel at home.

The common areas are homely, warm, given to meeting and chatting. There you will find everything you need to spend memorable moments.

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Breakfast is synonymous with culinary exploration and tasting. It contains the purest and most traditional flavors of Asturian culture, with contributions from Cantabrian cuisine, given its proximity to our hotel. The food served here is made entirely with natural and fresh products, breakfasts homemade with a traditional pastry. You can taste real delicacies such as frixuelos, different types of cakes and biscuits, artisan pastas or marañuelas, as well as natural fruit, cheese boards, sausages, bread with tomato... All accompanied by freshly squeezed orange juice. Everything you need to start a magnificent day.

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